Egg Chairs; Comfortable?


Hanging egg chairs are comfortable and fun. So easy! These chairs have several perks, therefore you may be considering getting one. Given the range of teardrop chair accessible today, people will seek information on this topic. Sizes, materials, and styles vary, making selection difficult. Here’s the definitive egg chair purchase guide, starting with how to get one of these chairs.

Tear Drop Chair

Teardrop chairs are the ultimate garden luxury, mid-century chairs are deep. Teardrop influenced their original shape. They’re circular at the rear and wrap snugly around the seating area, encasing the chair. Tear drop chairs offer comfort from all angles and cocoon-like seating for all kinds of places, so it’s no surprise they’re a must-have household item.

Most egg chairs have metal stands. A chain and spring join the egg-shaped seat to the stand. Whoever sits in one of these hanging egg seats will feel comfortable and supported.

Teardrop / Egg Chairs Aren’t Just For Outside

Egg chairs belong in the garden or on a patio, but they’re not just garden furniture. A woven egg chair can offer a laid-back boho ambiance to your decor.

Who Sell Egg Chairs?

Buy egg chairs. A hanging egg chair can be used to rest, swing, read, or enjoy the scenery. You must know what to look for when buying an indoor, outdoor, or double egg chair.

What Should An Egg Chair Have?

First, examine egg chair size. Egg chairs are usually larger than conventional armchairs or dining chairs, so make sure they fit in their intended space. Some designs seat two, while others merely one. Obviously, a double egg chair is wider.

Stand Or Without Stand

Once you’ve chosen a hanging chair, examine how it’s suspended. Both ceiling-hung and stand-alone egg chairs may swing from side to side or back to front. When it swings, ensure sure it doesn’t touch any furniture or home decor. Both have merits and cons to weigh. A stand-alone egg chair may be moved simply but requires more space. Fixed-suspension egg chairs are more limited in placement. Once up, they can’t be moved, but this offers a cleaner, simpler aesthetic.


These chairs have the same fundamental shape, however there are small differences. Some are circular, while others are less enclosed or have a sunshade. Some are higher, flatter, deeper, or enclosed. Choose a chair that complements your personal taste and the room’s aesthetic. Tightly woven egg seats offer some sun shelter in a garden. A tighter weave increases privacy because no one can see through it. An open and airy egg chair lets you fully absorb your surroundings. Comfort often trumps design when discussing furniture. Egg chairs are comfortable because you can sink into them. Most have removable, fixed cushions, which improves their comfort. If an egg chair you’re considering doesn’t come with fixed cushions, you can always utilize household cushions, but they won’t be orthopedic. Regular cushions move with you or fall from behind, so they can’t support your upper back or head.

Make decisions based on how you feel. If one egg chair seems like a drop in the ocean for your summer garden ambitions, consider larger sets. Read our complete guide to garden furniture first.

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