5 Gallon Bucket Have A Lot Of Uses In Daily Life


A 5 gallon bucket is a 0.670 cubic feet bucket with multi-purpose uses such as a DIY emergency kit, as an emergency toilet, as a planter, and much more! Such buckets are usually quite strong, sturdy, and durable plastic made which assists in storing things and keeping them safe from moisture or chemicals. Did you know that buckets 5 gallon are used for poultry? These spacious buckets act as a feeder for poultry animals, among their many other uses! These versatile buckets are a must need for houses to carry or store water and in some cases, food. Read the article to know about the various uses a 5 gallon bucket can be put to and where you can find your bucket at cheaper prices!

Uses Of 5 Gallon Bucket

These multi-purpose buckets are used almost everywhere – houses, farms, poultries, industrial areas, and many others! Hop on to the following points to know about their uses.

5 Gallon Tote Bag

One of the handiest functions of the 5 gallon bucket is its ability to store many things at once, thus it can be used to make a stylish yet functional tote bag that can be used during trips and can be easily carried in a car.

DIY Emergency Kit

Having a 5 gallon bucket as an emergency kit can be quite useful. If you want to store medications, bandages, and other medical equipment at home, all you need is a 5 gallon bucket as its spacious and sturdy material is its best part!

Emergency Washer

Washing your clothes when the power is out or when you are going for an adventurous trip, can be quite tough, but worry not because converting and using your 5 gallon bucket as a washer can rescue you from that situation!

Emergency Toilet

A common use of these large buckets is for emergency toilets as they are portable and sturdy. Being portable, you can carry them with you on trips where you don’t have any access to a bathroom.

5 Gallon Bucket Planter

Growing a plant in a bucket may seem like an absurd idea but it is quite a convenient option if you decide to use it as a planter. You can fill your bucket with soil and plant some seeds. These 5 gallon buckets are not just functional but can be very stylish when it comes to using them as a planter!

Watering System For Poultry

Using the 5 gallon buckets for your poultry is an excellent option as these buckets can be used to feed your poultry animals. These spacious buckets have enough area for a full day’s food, and you can refill them every morning or two! These buckets can also be used as a water feeder for your animals.

DIY Wishing Well For Kids

Pouring a little creativity in the 5 gallon bucket, you can also make a DIY wishing well for your kids to play with! Why spend your money on expensive wishing wells when you can make your own? Kids enjoy having a wishing well at home!

Bucket Dolly

Did you know how easy it is to make a bucket dolly from a 5 gallon bucket? It needs no expertise and you can get yourself your own bucket dolly in no time! The bucket can be attached with some rollers so you can move heavy loads around the house without having to move them all on your own!


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