Pressure Washing a Story House


Pressure washing will remove dirt, mold, mildew, chalking, and other stains from the exterior of your home leaving it looking like new, and making it more durable. However, if you have a two-story house, it can be difficult to get good results.

The first thing you need to do when pressure washing a story house is ensure that you have the right equipment. You will need a pressure washer, extension wands, and safety equipment such as protective glasses and gloves. Make sure the pressure washer has a cleaning solution attachment or a soap gun.

Start by preparing the area around the house. Remove all garden furniture, decorations, and toys from the area. You do not want anything blocking your access to the walls or getting in your way while working.

Get up on a ladder and spray down the siding as high as you can reach. If you are using a cleaning solution, start scrubbing at this point. Work your way around the house until you have done one full story of siding.

Setting up your story House for external cleaning

Your first step before pressure washing is removing all obstacles from around your house. This includes toys, cars and any other objects that could get in the way. It also means moving things far enough away so they won’t get damaged by flying debris. For example, if there are plants along your driveway or walkway, you’ll want to move them farther away than usual.

Connect the Pressure Washer

Before you begin using your pressure washer, you will need to connect it to your water spigot. You can then turn on the water spigot until water begins flowing through the hose.

Connect Your Nozzle

Attach the nozzle of your choice to your pressure washer’s hose. You may want to experiment with multiple different nozzles before making your choice because each one results in a different type of spray pattern

Pressure Washing a Story House without a Ladder

It is important that you do not use too much pressure when washing the walls of your home. Too much pressure can damage some materials such as wood siding and shingles on roofs. If there are stubborn stains that need extra care, use a scrubbing brush to give them an extra scrubbing before rinsing away with clean water.

While some people may choose to hire professional cleaners to do the job for them, others prefer to handle the task on their own. Luckily, there are several ways you can pressure wash your two-story house without using a ladder.

  • Use a High Power Washer

These types of pressure washers will also allow you to clean stubborn stains on hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt shingles without damaging them.

  • Using an Extension Pole Attachment

The pole attachment attaches onto any standard garden hose nozzle and then extends up into your roof’s gutters where it can easily reach every nook and cranny that needs cleaning!

  • Use a Telescoping Wand

If you try to use a standard pressure washer wand for anything other than the ground, it could slip out of your hands and fly through the air with enough force to cause serious injury or damage. You definitely don’t want that happening!

A telescoping wand is like an extension pole and is made specifically for power washing surfaces. They come in all lengths, so they are great if your house is taller than 60 feet (the longest standard length). They are also ideal for cleaning tall commercial buildings and high rise condos. Be guided today on the best powerful pressure washers by the Giraffetools collections experts.

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