Why You Need custom back plate football


Football back plate football has helped in keeping many players safe during the game. If you have not considered getting this special safety equipment, you need to change your mind immediately. You are about to learn why you need a custom back plate football.

What is a back plate in football?

A back plate football is a specially made safety equipment that players often attach to their shoulder pads to ensure their lower back is protected. As a player, you can use this equipment to improve your comfort and performance during the game.

Why do you need a custom back plate football?

Whether you are playing locally or internationally, you surely need to purchase all your safety equipment and ensure you do not sustain any injury during a game. As you buy this safety equipment, ensure that the custom back plate football actually makes it to your list because of the following reasons.

Lessens a heavy impactful hit during the game

You cannot play without receiving heavy marking from your opponent. If your opponent is aggressive, the player can make you sustain an injury which can be painful. However, custom back plate football can help to protect your lower back during the game.

Improves your comfort

Every player works towards improving their comfort during the game. Putting on safety equipment is one of the best ways to boost your performance and improve your overall performance while participating in a game. Even if you research aggressive attacks from your opponent on your lower back, your custom back plate will keep you safe.

Play in style

When you strongly trust the safety equipment you are putting on, your confidence will significantly improve and you will outshine your opponents to perform excellently during the game. If you are hoping to play in style, you need to consider getting a custom back plate football to enjoy the numerous benefits associated with it.

How much is a custom back plate?

A custom back plate is designed with different materials and features. As their materials differ, so do their prices. The average cost of custom back plate football ranges from $5 to $100 or more. Before making a purchase, ensure that you research to ensure that you are making the right decision.

Some scam sellers can attempt to list custom back plates at cheaper prices and convince buyers to complete their purchases without doing proper research. You can read sellers’ information and review how other players are using the product before placing an order.

When to wear your custom back plate in football

Custom back plate football is not meant to be won at all times. You are expected to mostly wear your custom back plate football mostly during the game. In fact, it is advisable to wear the back plate for all games to ensure your safety.


Custom back plate football was invented to give players extra abilities while playing safely. If you hope to play the game without sustaining an injury, consider purchasing a custom back plate football before your next game. Keep in mind that some players prefer playing aggressively. You can only assure of your safety when you have highly protective sporting equipment including custom back plate football.

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